3D Printing
FDM mask printing

FDM Printing

Geared toward engineering plastics such as ABS, all our printers are enclosed to minimize warping and increase dimensional repeatability. 6 machines ranging from 5 x 5 x 5" to 12 x 12 x 16" print volume can produce parts in ABS, PLA, and TPU with good fidelity.
SLA print emerging

SLA Printing

Excellent for high detail prints, our 4 SLA machines can produce ABS-like rigid, flexible, castable, and clear parts. The machines use proven MSLA technology with RGB panels and Mono panels with parallel LED arrays to balance speed with fine detail.

Sheet Metal

CNC Plasma Cutting

2D profiles are cut with ease on the 48 x 33" plasma water table for both aluminum and steel sheets and tubular profiles. Larger parts are possible with additional processing. Ideal for custom sheet metal brackets and assemblies (riveted or welded) and indoor or outdoor signs.

Bending and Hardware

Ideal for single to low volume prototypes, the finger press brake can bend up to 20ga steel or 14ga aluminum with a 24" wide capacity. Thicker parts can be processed on the 10 ton air hydraulic press. We can install PEM hardware in steel and aluminum.

Plastic and Sheet Good Processing

C02 Laser Cutting

We can laser cut and engrave on plastics, wood, paper, leather, and foam. Great for producing quickly assembled prototypes or instrument panels, custom shipping solutions, toolbox organizers, and personalized gifts. Our machines range from 35-45W with a maximum panel size of 12 x 20", up to 1/4" thick plywood.

Vinyl Plotter

CNC die-cutting is a great way to produce unique goods for gifts and company events, but can also be leveraged to add polish to mechanical prototypes to add logos, enable paint masking, or add fine parts from soft materials like leather and cork. Our machines can process up to 24" x 60 yard projects.

Urethane Casting

The perfect complement to 3D printing, urethane casting can produce high fidelity copies of a master model and is well suited up to dozens of parts. Silicone molds, master models, and casting are performed in-house with a degassing chamber, regulated oven, and high quality resins.

Milling and Wood Work

CNC Routing/Milling

Two CNC milling machines round out the capabilities for machining 2.5D MDF, plywood, and aluminum parts. Capacity up to 33 x 33", ideal for signs, test jigs, and finished carpentry goods.

Wood Shop

The Boardroom was the first WorkShope lab and is well equipped with a cabinet table saw, dual compound sliding miter saw, 1HP brushless digital drill press, scroll saw, soft start router table, and many sanding, cutting, and assembly hand and power tools. Past projects have ranged from mechanical mockups and test equipment, to a full size semi-down draft paint booth and fine home furniture.

Part Finishing

Surface Prep

Need show ready parts? We can apply fillers, fiberglass reinforcement, sand, and otherwise prep your 3D prints, sheet metal, or laser cut parts. Sandblasting is possible with glass or walnut shell media. Small parts, like jewelery castings, can be tumble polished.

Color Treatment

Our large semi-down draft paint booth allows for HVLP or aerosol sprays to be applied in a clean environment. We also powder coat metal parts up to 10 x 20" in-house.

Electrical Assembly and Diagnostics


Custom stencil cutting, ESD safe work area, controlled solder paste dispenser and reflow oven enable small PCB assembly down to 0402 package and QFN (no BGA). Can also perform documented reworks.

Circuit Debugging

Experience debugging digital circuit issues making use of signal generator, logic analyzer, current probe, oscilloscope, multimeter and other tools. Will review cabling for connectivity and design issues as well.


For more complex systems or assemblies, FLIR thermal imaging and high speed cameras up to 960fps enable insights into mechanical performance. Digital microscope allows capture of circuit or material surface issues for review.